The Menlo Roundtable
Sonya Lebedeva

Sonya Lebedeva ’20

To stimulate scientific advances without risking unintended deleterious consequences, how much government regulation is best?  

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U.S. Since 2000 Students

U.S. Since 2000 Students ’20 and ’21

Who knew students could be such hard graders? The Feds are held to task on the security improvement goals they wrote for themselves.

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Jeremy Yun

Jeremy Yun ’21

Lesson from a counter cultural icon: our institutions–mental and social–can sometimes do more harm than good.

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Bella Guel

Bella Guel ’20

Emerson says “many eyes go through the meadow but few see the flowers in it.” Bella’s homage to native plants can help focus your gaze.

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Emma Holland

Emma Holland ’20

The War on Drugs of the 1970s and 80s failed Americans and contributed to countless injustices still plaguing us today.

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Quentin Chisholm

Quentin Chisholm ’20

Two famed authors of different times and perspectives agree about what writing is for: to help us question our society and ourselves. 

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Elisabeth Westermann

Elisabeth Westermann ’21

Austen gives expert advice for when we feel pressure to sacrifice our values and chance at happiness to meet society’s expectations.

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Brooke Hodge

Brooke Hodge ’20

Brooke captures the urgent and broad scale of the 2019 global climate movement as well as the practical steps people are taking nearby.

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