Capital Projects

Completing and Transforming Our Center of Campus

Well beyond providing safe, nurturing, functional places for students to arrive, we endeavor to have spaces that build community, foster creativity, and make Menlo a place that students and adults alike look forward to coming to every day.

Coming Soon: The Spieker Center for the Performing Arts
Performing Arts Center

Situated in the heart of our campus, immediately across from the Dining Commons and surrounded by the Middle School, Athletic Center, Creative Arts and Design Center, and Upper School, the Spieker Center for the Performing Arts is the final piece of the puzzle that completes our central campus.

Performing Arts Center

Designed to house all of our Middle and Upper School performing arts groups—including drama, dance, orchestra, jazz, and chorus—as well as guest lectures, film and music festivals, and numerous special events, it will serve every member of the Menlo community, both as performers and audience members.

Menlo prides itself on providing transformative experiences for students through excellent academic, athletic, and arts curricula. The Spieker Center not only aligns the arts program with academics and athletics, but it will also stand as a beacon on our campus and in our community for fostering creative thought that transcends disciplines. Visitors and the Menlo community will see that the School is energetically committed to fostering these unique talents.

Up and Running: A New Dining Hall

Lunch is served in the Menlo School cafeteria. Photo by Pete Zivkov.

Each day, virtually every student, faculty, and staff member passes through the Menlo Dining Commons. The sounds of a hundred conversations hum through the dining room and on the patio. Since its opening at the start of the 2017-18 School year, this new space, along with the student center and library, have formed a true central hub on campus.

Revamped Athletic Facilities

Menlo School hosts the 24th Amanda MacDonald Invitational Water Polo Tournament. Photo by Pete Zi...

We’ve upgraded various elements of the athletics complex in ways that benefit our outdoor athletics programs. Gates Pool underwent a major facelift that involved adding Menlo branding and new poolside awnings, creating new team rooms and coaches’ offices, and installing new bleachers for spectators.

Menlo School boys baseball. Photo by Cyrus Lowe.

The baseball field received a new backstop, netting, dugouts, and an enhanced viewing area for spectators.

Runners compete on Senior Day 2019 at Menlo's newly-resurfaced track. Photo by Robert Tomkins...

Menlo’s track was repaired and resurfaced, bringing it up to the quality Menlo’s athletes and competitors expect. (Photo courtesy Robert Tomkinson.)

Menlo School boys tennis. Photo by Cyrus Lowe.

Finally, the tennis courts were completely resurfaced.

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